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Stand No - S3-D20

United Arab Emirates

Company Profile

Decibel Systems is a supplier of satellite ground communications products, systems and related services in India and Worldwide. Decibel Team is capable of designing, delivering and installing complete turn-key communication systems and networks for its customers in Middle East, Africa & Asia . The extensive experience of the Team Decibel enables them to offer optimized low risk, low cost, technically superior and efficient systems to customer. The company has system expertise in Satellite Communication and Troposcatter Communication based Voice, Video and Data Transmission for Private, Public and Government Networks. Since 2016, we have established a strong reputation for delivering antennas and Rf Equipment of the highest quality and reliability. Our customers can count on our relentless and passionate efforts to provide them with superior products and services.Our major partners are :-1) Sat-lite Technologies, USA : They are the leading flyaway and Mobile Systems Manufacturer from 80cm upto 4.2m2) Mission Microwave, USA : They manufacture most high efficient SWaP SSPA with BUC in X, KU and Ka Band for Commercial and Tactical Environment.3) Advantech Wireless Inc. Canada : Manufacturer of RF System which included Up/Downconverter, SSPA from 25W to 10 KW from C Band to Ku Band, LNAs etc for Large earth station and 4) Spacetime Engineering, USA : They are in design, manufacturing and testing of custom-engineered solutions to stringent requirements such as high efficiency, low PIM and high power, spanning frequencies from 1 to 140 GHz. They manufacture state-of-the-art RF components and antenna feeds to the satellite communication industry.5) Kratos Antenna : They design and manufacture transportable and fixed earth station antennas ranging from 3.5-meter to 18-meter in diameter, radar antennas for air traffic control and weather applications, and lines of High-Frequency (HF) and specialty antennas

  • Satellite & Space Tech
Ka-Band 25 watt Stinger BUC
Ka-Band Wideband BUC 27.5-30 GHz for Multi-orbit operation 50 or 100 watt
Ka-Band 200 watt Titan BUC
Ku-band 100 watt Javelin BUC
Ku-Band 55 watt Stinger BUC
SES O3b mPOWER to Offer Mission Microwave Ka-Band Block Converters on User Terminals