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SatService GmbH

Stand No - PD39


Company Profile

SatService GmbH, a system integrator, manufacturer and reseller in the field of satellite communications, is pleased to present the latest technologies and sat-nms products, at Cabsat 2023. SatService provides state-of-the-art and customer dedicated products, as well as system solutions, with high quality and quick reaction times, at competitive prices. Our strength is the combination of system engineering and integration know-how, which helps us design and manufacture highly sophisticated products. The sat-nms product line consist of Monitoring & Control and Network Management Systems, Motorized Antennas and Antenna Tracking Systems, Beacon receivers, Distribution Amplifiers, Matrixes, Converters and Fiberoptical Links. SatService is your reliable and innovative Partner in the field of satellite communications

  • Satellite & Space Tech
Decimator Multiport D4
sat-nms Beacon Receiver
sat-nms din-rail Beacon Receiver
SatService Software and Hardware for SES’s O3b mPOWER

Decimator D4 Spectrum and Signal Analyzer with Carrier Monitoring

Decimator D4 Spectrum & Signal Analyzer